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How we are organised

Natural Bioenergetics Global is the culmination of a 36-month journey with Dr. Jimmy Scott.

In that journey, Jimmy Scott, the originator, identified a number of key elements he needed to see in place before he could “pass the torch” to the NB/HK community:

  1. The modernization of the training system and the creation of the Natural Bioenergetics Institute (NBI) to further the modernized system.

  2. The formation of the Natural Bioenergetics International Council (NBIC), a group of HK/NB’s lead people from around the planet acting as facilitators to implement the updated system.

  3. The creation of a Not-For-Profit organization, Natural Bioenergetic Global (NBG), that would own the intellectual property of Dr. Jimmy Scott PhD and ensure the mandate for the future of NB/HK was carried out.

These three elements working together provide the stable platform for future generations to engage with Natural Bioenergetics/Heath Kinesiology.

Learning the Scripts

The Natural Bioenergetics Institute

Professional holistic training and self-help courses

The Natural Bioenergetics Institute offers the training program for Natural Bioenergetics.

The professional programs are designed to prepare professionals looking to build a business helping others ( and themselves) be their best, find their inner strength and resilience, and transform their lives into what they want to be. Learn more>>

The Institute also aims to  introduce NB to the broader public through three initiatives for the public:

  1. Reclaim Your Life Mastery Coaching is a ground-breaking group program that supports women in transforming  the mind and emotions so you can maximize results in your life.  Learn more>>

  2. A personal development program for those who want to learn to take care of themselves and their family. Learn more>>

  3. A class for families affected by autism. This program is a series of classes (may be provided as 1:1 tutoring) focused on teaching practical skills to manage and calm the person’s energy. These are physically based techniques they can apply anywhere anytime to help calm or orient themselves. Learn more>>

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