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Our Directors


Dr. Thibaud d'Oultremont


Dr. Thibaud has a Ph.D. in Biology and has worked in the field of energy healing for over a decade. His expertise includes using natural bioenergetics, which involves the application of specific frequencies and vibrations to enhance enzyme activity and overall cellular function. He is the founder of BioEnergy Assist, a company that produces supplements and products aimed at optimizing cellular health through bioenergetics.


Dr. d'Oultremont has a strong background in ecological modeling and sustainable agricultural systems, having contributed to research on multi-trophic systems and climate change effects on ecosystems. His work also delves into the interactions between carnivores, plants, and herbivores, utilizing GIS and biological control methods​.


Dr. Thibaud d'Oultremont has authored several publications focusing on ecological modeling and the impacts of climate change on ecosystems.


Brian Mathews

Executive Director

Brian is a highly trained professional in the field of Bioenergy and operates a family business on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. He works with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

He is the co-owner of Bioenergetic by Design. Brian is available for private consultations and Natural Bioenergetic services. You can email him  or book through his website at

Before getting into the complementary and alternative health & wellness industry, Brian had a successful career in construction.

He owned and operated a high-end building company focused on single family luxury homes in the ski resort community of Whistler, B.C. He balanced his time working with the very wealthy by being involved in community development projects through volunteer building and support services, both locally and internationally.


Jane Thurnell-Read

Vice President

Jane started practising Kinesiology in 1982 and attended her first Health Kinesiology course in 1987.

She immediately went home and started making HK (NB) a central part of her busy practice. She also took on the responsibility for organising Dr Jimmy Scott’s courses in the UK. In 1990 she became the first HK  teacher and taught in England, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.

In around 2004 she stopped seeing clients and teaching in order to concentrate on her business, Life-Work Potential Limited.

She has also written books for Natural Bioenergetic Practitioners and the general public.

In 2020 she sold theLWP business. Since then, she has concentrated on her blog ( , her Instagram account and – a membership site for healthy, happy ageing.

Jane lives in the south west of England.

Now in her 70's Jane still has a passion for life and wants to be a role model for how to live a healthy, happy, active, exciting life even as we age.

Tim Grier .jpg

Timothy Grier


Timothy N. Grier is a partner with the firm Lindsay Kenney and has practiced law in Langley, British Columbia Canada since 1998.

He has a devoted solicitor’s practice with a focus on business law. He advises and acts on business purchases, sales and financing, and is active in commercial and residential real estate law. The experience gained in his former barrister’s work in commercial litigation, lien and foreclosure work informs the work he does now for landlords, tenants, lenders and borrowers.

Law is a second career for Mr. Grier. He feels strongly that it is a privilege to do the work he does for his clients and strives to give them practical solutions to their legal problems. Tim has clients ranging in size from international corporations to individuals on modest incomes. Mr. Grier is frequently invited to give presentations on estate planning.


Joseph Zacconi

Private and public donations

Joe started his career in real estate in 1985. From real estate he entered a long-term banking career in
financial planning. He has worked in many roles throughout his career: General Manager, Regional
Manager and served on Financial Advisory Solutions teams. His focus continues to be in financial
planning. Joe is a Certified Financial Planner and Personal Financial Planner.
He furthered his career in 2013 by becoming an independent Wealth Advisor. He is also a licenced
Insurance Advisor and uses a wholistic approach to further his clients personal and business financial
Joe is a registered home builder with a strong knowledge in the real estate market. He is just finishing a
large estate project.
His hobbies include:
Carpentry and building projects; large and small.
Car restoration; taking a Classic car and resurrecting it back to life.
Riding Motorcycles
Weight training 
A Father of two with my lovely wife of 33 Years and a Grandfather of a 2 year old …So far


Ron Loewen

Director at Large

As a nationally recognized leader in the fields of negotiation, conflict resolution, and restorative justice, Ron is familiar with the role of conflict and harm in businesses, organizations, and communities. 

He has a passion for peace building and healing which manifests in his support of ambitious leaders in developing skills, mindsets and processes/structures which create flow and reduce turbulence.  With a keen eye for efficiency, Ron helps people and organisations find the shortest, most beneficial path to their optimal outcomes.

Ron’s in depth knowledge and experience allow him to creatively engage multiple clients and deliver custom content in interesting and life altering ways.  His sense of humour, real life stories and profound personal commitment to what he teaches gives those who learn with him a genuine and real experience of personal learning.  His calm and compassionate spirit brings stability and safety in difficult contexts.

Ron became connected to NB after meeting Brian at a business networking event in 2015.  Since then they have co-journeyed, with Brian providing healing services to Ron and Ron providing business and life coaching to Brian.

Among other notable accomplishments:

  • Co-Chaired the creation of two Canadian not for profit organizations and served as president in another.

  • Facilitated learning with 100’s of adult learners including small business owners, university students, government employees, health professionals, directors of boards, lawyers, counselors, victims of crime, perpetrators of crime, non-profit professionals, and conflict resolution practitioners.

  • Earned a BA and MA and accrued hundreds of hours of training in negotiation, conflict resolution and restorative justice.  Most recently he became a certified Peace Of the Circle Facilitator.

  • Travelled to more than 200 cities in over 30 different countries.

See Ron's LinkedIn profile.

As a husband and as a father of 4, Ron is keenly aware of the role of conflict resolution in the home as well as the work place.  Ron enjoys downhill skiing, travel and reading.  He has been married to his wife Marci for over 25 years.  They all live in beautiful Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

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