Ensuring NB/HK For Generations To Come

Building And Equipping The Energetic Community

Creating An Energetic Modality That Benefits All Involved


Natural Bioenergetics Global is a thriving not-for-profit organization. It is registered in Canada. It is recognized worldwide for its integrity and dedication to the development of bio-field processes, procedures and technologies.

Natural Bioenergetics (HK) is a trademarked and branded name. It is recognized internationally as a powerful system for establishing coherence in the human bio-field by knowledgeable and highly trained Specialists. It also promotes health and wellness through empowering people to be responsible for their own wellbeing and their own life-long healing journey.


Natural Bioenergetics Global provides established multi-lingual training programs in an expanding number of countries. Trainers and Specialists are able to address the needs of a wide range of communities. At the same time, they respect the histories and cultures of those communities.


Natural Bioenergetics Global continues to provide licensing for training in a highly developed educational system which equips individuals with the specialized skills necessary for a full-time career in a Bioenergetic practice.


Natural Bioenergetics Global provides a dynamic, flourishing, positive community. It supports the organization and development of NB worldwide.

The NB/HK community is a beautiful place to be.

It is safe, egalitarian, legitimate, healing, nurturing and empowering. It is a community where people can explore new beginnings. They can find resources to pursue their calling & purpose.

They can find a supportive community to stand by their side through life’s journey. People want to be a part of the community because it is such an amazing and inspirational place to be. It is in itself transformational.

The NB/HK community recognizes the contributions of those who invested into the development of this modality. The community respects the teachers, instructors and practitioners who carried the Health Kinesiology torch in the early days.

The central body of NB/HK knowledge and techniques are not complete. Teachers and practitioners can share their discoveries and insights. The community also welcomes those who have stepped away from NB/HK. They can find an open door to re-join the journey so that they add to the energetic and dynamic growth of the community.

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