Jane started practising Kinesiology in 1982 and attended her first Health Kinesiology course in 1987.

She immediately went home and started making HK (NB) a central part of her busy practice. She also took on the responsibility for organising Dr Jimmy Scott’s courses in the UK. In 1990 she became the first HK  teacher and taught in England, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and the USA.

In around 2004 she stopped seeing clients and teaching in order to concentrate on her business, Life-Work Potential Limited.

She has also written books for Natural Bioenergetic Practitioners and the general public.

In 2020 she sold the business. Since then she has concentrated on her blog (www.janethurnellread.com) and her Instagram account.

Now in her 70's Jane still has a passion for life and wants to be a role model for how to live a healthy, happy, active, exciting life even as we age.