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Furthering the benefits of natural bioenergetics for wellness

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Jimmy Scott founder of Natural Bioenergetics / HK

Jimmy Scott, Ph.D.

Originator of Natural Bioenergetics

"In the world of the future I see treatment customized to each individual’s specific needs.
Gone will be the production line methods where everyone is given the same diet, drug, massage therapy, surgery, nutritional supplements, school program, exercise plan, or whatever.
Furthermore, many of you will have learned how to do much of this for yourself. You will discover rather quickly that when you follow your body’s true desires you will feel better, have more energy, be happier, be healthier, and function more effectively in every way."

A Bit of Background

Our early history

Dr Jimmy Scott has a PhD in Physiological Psychology and worked as a scientist for a number of years in medical–school type settings.  He saw kinesiology demonstrated but was skeptical. In early 1977 he was again introduced to kinesiology and it made more sense.

At the time he was also working as a nutritional consultant, using hair analysis to establish his clients’ mineral balance. He decided to try muscle testing to find this information. I got the same answers as the lab tests, so that convinced me that it worked. In early 1978 he started using verbal questioning with kinesiology.  

He found that he could help people with a whole range of problems, not just nutritional ones. Gradually he developed new techniques and the system that was originally called Health Kinesiology was born.

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Natural Bioenergetics Global
Public list

Natural Bioenergetics Global is a Canadian based Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to furthering the practice of Natural Bioenergetics (called Health Kinesiology in the UK and EU) around the world. The NB community is made up of highly specialized and dedicated individuals. Each Specialist working with clients to address stress related issues and improve health & wellness.

The NB Global Public list is designed to inform you of what’s happening in the world of Natural Bioenergetics:

  • Provide you information on programs and projects within Natural Bioenergetics.

  • Share innovations and advancements in Human Biofield development.

  • We will announce newly certificated Specialists and Practitioners.

  • Expand your awareness of the potential NB has.

Natural Bioenergetics Global

You are a part of a global community made up of highly specialized and dedicated individuals. Each of us work within our local communities to change the world for the better, one client at a time. We are all in the flow of Natural Bioenergetics that encompasses our world. The main goal of this list is to provide you with a greater sense of the scope of our global community.

We ensure training and certification is completed to the highest standards and provide licensing for all NB/HK users. We are the public voice of NB/HK to the world and work to grow Natural Bioenergetics into a globally recognized source for Health and Wellness services.

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