The founder of Natural Bioenergetics is Dr Jimmy Scott. It was originally called Health Kinesiology, but changed its name in 2019 to Natural Bioenergetics.

Here he is talking about the development of NB/HK:


“I have a  PhD in Physiological Psychology and worked as a scientist for a number of years in medical–school type settings. I saw kinesiology demonstrated and was fascinated but skeptical and couldn’t see how it could be used practically even if it did work.

“Early 1977 I organized a demonstration by Chris Harrison, a Californian Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor. He made it very clear how it could be used, and I knew I had to learn how to do that to determine for myself if it worked. Chris suggested some material to read and to take a class. I did that, and it did seem to work. At that time I was also working as a nutritional consultant, using hair analysis to establish my clients’ mineral balance. I decided to try muscle testing to find this information. I got the same answers as the lab tests, so that convinced me that it worked.

“I realized that kinesiology does work if certain things are done properly, but nobody was sure what those certain things were! That was in 1977. In early 1978 I discovered how to do verbal questioning and that allowed me to progress much faster. I wanted to do certain things that no one seemed to know how to do. I used indices in my scientific work to compare different things, so I did the same in kinesiology, since with verbal questioning I could.

“I was still working with nutrition and came across nutritional reflex points, which allow you to establish a client’s need for particular supplements, e.g. calcium. I used this technique but found that sometimes clients came back and were even worse. I realised that the form of the calcium didn’t matter for the test but did matter for the client. I realized I needed more precision. With muscle testing and verbal questioning I could be vastly more precise, establishing exactly which brand, dose, time of day …. Results were far better. I was excited!

“Nutrition is not everything about a person’s life. If nutrition is not what is needed, then what is? I took a scientific approach – what factors are important for a person? If indexing shows that nutrition is 5%, what is the rest? It may be psychological, infections, toxicity, exercise, rest, geobiology, which I brought into kinesiology about 1985 … I delineated each of these factors, and others. Verbal questioning helped me analyze what was going on for the client. I learned a lot about how to ask questions, but at first it was like a pioneer hacking a path slowly through a jungle - everything was a jumble, but gradually things became clearer and more effective.

“In 1978 I developed a phobia correction that was based on my previous scientific experience – it combined psychological procedures (relaxation and systematic desensitization) with energy concepts. The results were even better than I expected, so that gave me even more confidence about what I was doing. That same scientific knowledge underlies virtually all of HK.

“In 1980 I developed a way of detecting and correcting allergies. A woman came to see me who was allergic to almonds – eating them resulted in a pain in her shoulder. I thought about how we did psychological corrections, made an analogy and came up with the Symbiotic Energy Transformation™ procedure (SET). The procedure went well. In fact I was really surprised at how successful it was. In the early 1980’s homeopathic versions of foods became available. I realized I could use these rather than actual substances. I still really hadn’t appreciated how powerful the SET procedure was. A client came in and I said: “Let’s fix all your allergies today.” She agreed, and we did an SET with perhaps 200 things. The next day she phoned me, from the hospital; the medics had said she was haemorrhaging internally. A scan had shown she had a large endometrioma, and the medics wanted to operate. I felt she was experiencing a healing reaction and encouraged her to wait. The next day the severe pain had gone away and her blood tests were normal. She was discharged. Two weeks later she went to see her gynaecologist. He couldn’t find the endometrioma. It had completely gone.

“I carried on my research and began to realise how important priority and energy permission were. In 1984 I established the basic template for all energy corrections. We energy balance, find and then stimulate the stress and concurrently apply the energy correction. I also differentiated between energy corrections and energy toning. My quantum physics based theoretical model of the energy system was first published in 1984 and has been developed extensively since then.

“I’ve carried on developing new corrections and ways of working with the person and analyzing what is happening and what is needed. Most of HK has been developed because of a need of a client – I use my knowledge from my scientific background and my imagination and use energy concepts with dramatically effective results. I’ve always read a lot and had a lot of different interests, so that has helped me find new procedures, new ways of doing things. I’ve incorporated so much of my own personal interests into HK and that’s why it’s been so much fun and so rewarding for all these years. Seeing clients change has been deeply rewarding.”