As a nationally recognized leader in the fields of negotiation, conflict resolution, and restorative justice, Ron is familiar with the role of conflict and harm in businesses, organizations, and communities.  He has a passion for peace building and healing which manifests in his support of ambitious leaders in developing skills, mindsets and processes/structures which create flow and reduce turbulence.  With a keen eye for efficiency, Ron helps people and organisations find the shortest, most beneficial path to their optimal outcomes.


Ron’s in depth knowledge and experience allow him to creatively engage multiple clients and deliver custom content in interesting and life altering ways.  His sense of humour, real life stories and profound personal commitment to what he teaches gives those who learn with him a genuine and real experience of personal learning.  His calm and compassionate spirit brings stability and safety in difficult contexts.


Ron became connected to NB after meeting Brian Mathews at a business networking event in 2015.  Since then they have co-journeyed, with Brian providing healing services to Ron and Ron providing business and life coaching to Brian.


Among other notable accomplishments:

As a husband and as a father of 4, Ron is keenly aware of the role of conflict resolution in the home as well as the work place.  Ron enjoys downhill skiing, travel and reading.  He has been married to his wife Marci for over 25 years.  They all live in beautiful Langley, British Columbia, Canada.