Brian is a highly trained professional in the field of Bioenergy and operates a family business on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. He works with clients locally, nationally and internationally. He is the co-owner of Bioenergetic by Design. Brian is available for private consultations and Natural Bioenergetic services. You can email him at or book through his website at

Before getting into the complementary and alternative health & wellness industry, Brian had a successful career in construction. He owned and operated a high-end building company focused on single family luxury homes in the ski resort community of Whistler, B.C. He balanced his time working with the very wealthy by being involved in community development projects through volunteer building and support services, both locally and internationally.

Brian is passionate about sharing knowledge with people and assisting them, as well as their communities, on their journey to the best possible outcome for all involved. He lives for out-of-the-box adventures found in outdoor pursuits and overseas travel. The most valuable time for him: chilling with his family while having fun!